Birthday Of Martin Garrix – My IDOL

Martin Garrix, the well known Celeb-Dj…
Well, probably the youngest superstar dj who managed to jump to the 4th place on “The” DJmag leaving the legends behind.
He was born on 14th may, 1996 at Amstelveen, Netherland

Martijn Garritsen , when he was a child.

As many of you know, he started playing guitar ( spanish , if I am not very much mistaken ) at the age of 12. According to him, he was inspired to be a Dj by watching Dj Tiesto playing The Anthen Olympic (2004). That soundtrack was also his first CD.

watch Martin Garrix’s DJmag-NL Interview

If You don’t know, then I should tell you that, between all his gigs, he did not discontinue his study.
Martin still attends school regularly at The Herman Brood Academy in The Netherlands.

In a recent SPIN interview when Martin was ask what music inspires him:
“I love Disclosure. Dillon Francis. Bauuer. Flosstradamus. I listen to a lot of different genres.”

Let me tell me about some of his tracks.
I honestly don’t know any of his before 2012.
But in 2012 he made some of his first famous tracks.
Listed Here –
* BFAM by Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan
* Your Body (Christina Aguilera song) (Martin garrix remix)
* Just some Loops by Martin Garrix & Tv Noise
And after some other stuff he was accepted by Spinnin’ Records
And released Error 404 through the level.

In 2013, the big year,
He with Sidney Samson released Torrent under tiesto’s Musical Freedom.

But the best part is Animals, I still Love this one. As far as I know, This is that “Luck” that made him the youngest no.1 dj on beatport.

In fact , Animals which catapulted him into the spotlight. That track, which is now more than a year old, peaked at No. 1 in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, and went platinum in the U.S.

He said “I made [‘Animals’] as a club record and to get it played at the clubs and festivals,” Garrix says, still in astonishment of the song’s popular reception. “One year ago, it was the most played track at EDC Vegas and then you’re playing the main stage.”


Martin Garrix in 2013

Garrix played more than 40 shows in the 12 months after June 1, 2013, an impressive stint considering he had classes during the week.

I am really wishing all the wishes for his birthday.

Happy birth day – MAR+IN GARRI×

Now thats how we react when we become excited about birthday

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Enjoy 😆



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